Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Hour Monday, Everybody Needs A Little Time Away

Yesterday I did not work. I also did not do any housework, at least none of the housework I've been meaning to get to (which means that S and family will be staying in my very sloppy house this weekend). Instead, I did the following:

1. Laid in bed with the Little Monster until 10:00am
2. Watched cartoons and ate breakfast with the Little Monster
3. Let the Little Monster gingerly hold Baby, the dog
4. Colored with the Little Monster in the family room while watching Noggin (and if you don't know about Noggin, you're REALLY missing out!)
5. Ate lunch with the Little Monster
6. Practiced my applique stiching with the Little Monster coloring on the craft table
7. Took the Little Monster to the store to buy a new dog bed for Baby, and ended up getting her a plethora of Bubble stuff
8. Played in the front yard with the Little Monster and her new bubble toys
9. Took a shower with the Little Monster
10. Rented movies and picked up dinner with Mr. Cranky Pants
11. Watched the first half of Benjamin Button
12. Fell asleep with the Little Monster in our bed (which is why I missed the second half)

It was an awesome day. I highly recommend it.

On Monday night, I got a little time away. I had to go pick up Baby from the vet's office, so, I left work early, got the Little Monster, and away we went back home. However, Mr. Cranky Pants got left behind since he plays soccer on Monday night, and he planned to spend the night at his mom's house.

I only missed him for a minute, and then after the Little Mosnter went to bed (suprisingly early), I had the whole night to myself....

And what did I do, you might ask?

I had a happy hour Monday! And I caught up on stuff that was taking up room in the DVR. I watched the Unit, Without a Trace, and CSI's I've been missing out on. For happy hour, I made my own drink, called the Cya Later Sunrise, receipe below for you adventurous types.

I also waited for S to text me back, but someone fell asleep (hee hee). I went to bed late (due to getting caught up in CSI), and then the Little Monster tossed and turned all night, but since I got to rest on Tuesday it was a pretty decent night.

Since someone fell asleep, she also didn't post, which means she's two posts behind now, and needs to ge her butt in gear (hahaha, just kidding S!). But she's got a lot on her plate this week, so I'll cover her for now. Looks like you're stuck with me gang. I'm just like gum, the only way you're getting rid of me is if you cut me out!

Ok, that's all the rambling I'm up to for the moment, more incongruous, irrelevant, inconsequential, incomprehensible (all wonderful wordage for you S) trivialites later.

The Cya Later Sunrise

8 oz of any citrus soda or juice or
Club soda and any citrus juice
Rum, or vodka, or gin, or vermouth, tequila (you pick, or have them all!)
Fresh or frozen summer fruits (mango, pineapple, watermelon, etc)

Pour soda or juice in cup with desired amount of alcohol
Throw in chunk of fruit and enjoy or
Blend liquid with fruit for an icy cool treat!

What Happy Hour Monday receipes do you all have?


  1. Visiting from the spring cleaning party. that sounds like an absolutely PERFECT day. That actually sounds like my day more of the time than I should admit to :). Have a great weekend!

  2. Samll and cheap--

    I tried to leave a comment on both your blogs (very good facts and fun stuff by the way), and I couldn't! Sigh. Thanks for the comment and hope you have a great weekend as well!

    Mrs. R....