Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What We Lose When Time Flies.........

My Goodness and my goodness! The last two weeks have been so intense, it's left me without any time to sit down and vent, er, ahem, I mean blog. Things have just been coming at me at left and right, and once I wrangle one item, another one popped up just a quick!

Here is the Reader's Digest recap of my past two weeks:

1. Get the Little Monster's teeth fixed

2. Have Mrs. S and family plus my in-laws over for the weekend

3. Recooperate from the weekend

4. Pull my hair out trying to get Mrs. S b-day suprise finished on time

5. Fight with Mr. Cranky Pants

6. Arrange a Girl's Nite Out (GNO) for me and Mrs. S

7. Fight with Mr. Cranky Pants

8. Go crazy at work

9. Fight with Mr. Cranky Pants

10. Have a humongous blow-out with my dad, Mr. Idiot

11. Have a humongous blow-out with Mr. Cranky Pants about the blow-out with Mr. Idiot

12. Realize that the Little Monster somehow lost one her $190 teeth (tooths, however you say it)

13. Have a mini melt down because of said missing tooth and numbers 10 and 11

14. Finished Mrs. S b-day present

15. Planned activities for the kiddios to do with their daddies while Mrs. S and I ran away to the circus, er, ahem had GNO.

16. Finally had GNO with Mrs. S, and we'll have to do it again, and soon!

17. Attempted to make up with Mr. Idiot, with minimal success

18. Got into another huge fight with Mr. Cranky Pants at his parent's home

19. Made up with Mr. Cranky Pants

20. Updating my blog..........

PHEW, are you as exhuasted as I am from reading this list?! It's been intense. Really intense. But things seem to be straightening themselves out now, but it's a miracle that I made it this far. It has just been two weeks that has taken everything I've had emotionally, and mentally to make it through. And with any trying time in your life, I have lost things, and gained things, made difficult decsions, and easy ones. I'm sure the insight of the past events won't even truly hit me until years from now, but boy oh boy, do I ever feel years older.

Things I've lost.... respect. I love Mr. Idiot, more than I should, more than I need to, and I honor him and my mother everyday, all the time. That said, I do not respect him anymore. This is a monumental thing for me. I realized I could finally separate the two. I have lost all respect for Mr. Idiot because of the things he's done to me and my family (Mr. Cranky Pants and the Little Monster). I thought that part of honoring your parents was respecting them no matter what, but that's not the case. Honoring your parents is loving them no matter what, respect is a two way street. I'm tired of giving and never getting. I mean a post about Mr. Idiot is really another blog in and of itself, so let's just leave it at that!

Things I've gained.... humility. With a stronger sense of who I am, and not being chained down by certain emotional bonds, I overstepped my boundaries with Mr. Cranky Pants. I made an inappropriate comment about a heated topic, and all hell just broke loose. I wasn't willing to give in and neither was he, and it was pretty ridiculously stupid. Pride is a terrible thing when used the wrong way.... I finally saw the hurtfulness in what I said, and have repented, and learned that a little humility goes a very long way.................

Ok, so I don't want this post to be a total downer........ let's skip ahead to some of the more fun things I've done.

GNO---> AWESOME. It was totally the best pick me up ever! Mrs. S and I just had mani/pedi's and dinner, then went back to my house to chat it up, all night! hahahah, also we had drinks, and so it was pretty much an all around rocking night. Maybe next time we'll shut up enough to watch a movie or do a craft hahahaha.......... but I doubt it. The next day I played dress-up with Mrs. S and my clothes that don't fit my fat ass anymore hahaha, to help her get ready to go to a wedding later that day. Let me just say that Mrs. S turned out simply stunning, and I know she had a great time. Mrs. S also gave me a fabulous hair cut... all in all an stellar weekend!

And the beginning of this week has been hard, but I'm not going to dwell on that or the Little Monster's missing tooth. No sir, not me. Instead, I am going to plan my next GNO, and go home and have a drink!

The biggest thing we lose when time flies is ourselves. Mommy needs a time out and a maragarita.

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  1. I am so proud of you two. Always remember that what doesn't kill you will make you strong. You two are a couple of the strongest women I know. Just a reminder, no returns. I love you both so much and I am so thankful for the "Brat, Itchy, the Little Monster and Little Big".
    Love, Mr. Cranky Pants' Mom and yours as well.